Saying that we are not celebrating ‘Eid tomorrow because of what is happening in the Ummah is to equate our happiness with the Dunya. But ‘Eid is far more symbolic than this Dunya. ‘Eid was given to us by Allah Himself as our reward for fasting in Ramadan, and the very act of Fasting is done…


1040 killed in Gaza this month. 1700 killed in Syria this week.


1040 killed in less than a month in Gaza.

1700 killed this week in Syria.

When will the bloodshed end? When will the world wake up? When will we stand with our fellow human beings, our dying children, our broken mothers, our helplessly empty fathers? Our only Earth is falling apart, blood and tears spilling out of its broken seams.

I fear that one day, there will be too many ghosts, on this planet we once called ours.